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Tuukka Virtaperko

Softcover, 192 pages
ISBN 978-952-5774-60-3
Salakirjat, 2013

20,00 €
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Zen and the Art of Insanity

Zen and the Art of Insanity

Our culture has fractured into smaller and smaller genres, with science, economy, religion and hedonism all appearing increasingly inadequate for dealing with reality. The Analytic Metaphysics of Quality is intended as the Rosetta Stone of this millennium. It aspires to clear the paralyzing confusion caused by the extravagant variety of contexts in our global culture. Most ordinary people ever need to learn only a few contexts in order to seem normal. But politicians, scientists, businessmen, gurus, artists – stars in general – are endowed with an excessive amount of power and influence. Such assets cause lots of suffering when carelessly utilized. Zen and the Art of Insanity strives to provide a star such understanding of reality that he or she will be able to:

- lust and expect understanding

- be cruel but do minimal harm

- seem friendly and respectable

- be weak but not fail

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