Paul Devereux

ISBN: 1856753220
Publisher: Gaia
Date Published: 2010
Product Type: Hardback
Number of Pages: 160

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Explore the latest scientific research behind the ancient forms and patterns of sacred sites around the world, and discover the long-lost mystical connection our ancestors had with our planet. Since ancient times humans have honoured places of power in the landscape to gain healing, wisdom and access the world of spirit. In this book, expert author Paul Devereux draws on the evidence from the disciplines of sacred geometry, archaeology, archaeoastronomy and archaeoacoustics to map out the hidden meaning in ancient sites and landforms. Through this thoroughly-researched and comprehensive key to the ancient patterns of sacred sites and landscapes around the world, you’ll discover how our ancestors were intimately connected with the land in mind, body and spirit. This title covers: power places – investigating magnetic and other natural forces at sacred sites; understanding shamanic landscapes – the meaning of the Nazca lines and other giant ground markings; the new science of archaeoacoustics – echo and 'ringing' stones found at prehistoric sites; and, cognitive archaeology – a new approach to archaeology and its radical findings. Featuring the latest scientific and archaeological research, and containing satellite imagery, maps and diagrams that provide new insights into ancient sites, “Sacred Geography” allows you to see the landscape through the eyes of our ancestors and reconnect with the natural world once more.