Nevill Drury

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“This was one of the first popular works to make the case for a legitimate connection between traditional shamanism and western magical practices. Drury, an anthropologist by training, makes a solid, knowledgeable case that the “rising in the planes” and path working of the western magus is of a similar nature, if not originally rooted in, the shaman’s journey.

First of all, this book gives one of the best in-print descriptions that I’ve seen of the history and workings of shamanism. He shows that the various global traditions are tied together by an altered state of consciousness in which the practitioner does not merely experience some degree of psychic dissociation, but is also able to retain the ability to consciously interact during this state. In other words, the shaman is able to control the trance dimension and explore the realms of the cosmos that such a state opens for him. This is what differentiates him from the passive medium or mystic- or the involuntary schizophrenic.”

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